Strengthen and Tighten Loose Skin

Loose skin occurs for all kinds of reasons. Yes, it’s a product of aging and other types of natural developments. But it can also be caused by developments such as weight loss and pregnancy. And for many of these conditions, Central Wellness offers a few different treatments and procedures; i.e. Ultherapy. But there are a few ways to tighten up loose skin, especially skin that hangs loose because it hasn’t had a chance to adapt to a change in body shape.

Strengthen and Tighten Loose Skin

Oftentimes after a pregnancy or a weight loss—even the slightest weight loss can change the firmness of skin—a person will have loose skin, especially prevalent—or at least more noticeable—in the abdominal area. Yes, skin that is healthy enough to adapt to a new body will eventually adapt, but it will take time and a little effort on your part. First, make sure that you are eating a nutrient-rich diet.
Concentrate on eating whole foods, making sure to eat plenty of the foods that have vitamins and nutrients that are most beneficial to skin. Vitamin C, which is prevalent in all citrus fruits and most kinds of berries and in vegetables such as bell peppers and Kale and chard—among many others—all help to build more collagen cells—remember, that collagen is the layer of tissue that keeps skin firm. You can also eat fatty acids such as those found in fish—salmon is a good choice, but for the cheap a tin of sardines is nutrient-rich and easy to prepare, and it’s somewhat low on the spectrum of potentially damaging mercury levels—also avocados, olive oils, and nuts contain healthy fats. Healthy fats are important to full body health, but in reference to skin alone the fats help to build collagen and also hydrate the skin. When skin is hydrated it will appear less stretched and dried out.
Also, a workout regimen is important, specifically one with some type of strength training involved. Resistance training is important to building muscle, and muscle growth fills the gaps beneath the loose skin, and also tightens the skin. You can perform exercises both in the gym or even at home: a resistance band can do the light-duty-type work of both strengthening and toning muscles, and crunches and pushups and lunges, performed with or without a resistance band, are all good for toning up our muscles and tightening up sagging skin.

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