Skin Health

Did you know that UV rays can damage our skin in as little as 15 minutes? And long-term exposure can even lead to possible skin cancers? It’s true. But most skin cancers are also entirely preventable. Here’s a few tips to keep your skin healthy this summer season.
The sun is at its most intense in the late morning through early evening hours. If you are going to spend time outside, seek out some shade: a tree or an umbrella. And, even when you are in the shade, wear protective clothing like a sunhat and an airy long-sleeved shirt and pants—don’t forget sunblock! Sunblock is important, and you should use one with an SPF at or over 30. Even on cloudy or cooler days it’s still possible for your skin to be damaged by the sun. And sunblock should be reapplied frequently: every two hours or so. If you are sweating a lot, or you’re swimming, then it may be best to apply it more frequently. And don’t forget to sunblock your ears and the back of your neck! Also, some medications, including antibiotics, increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun’s UV Rays.
Make sure your children are equally as protected. If your child is young and has skin sensitive to adult sunblock then there are many brands made for a child’s skin—remember the rule to use sunblock with an SPF of over 30. Explain to your child the importance of protecting their skin, so that they may be more likely to wear hats and clothing that protect them. Also, wear the right kind of hat on your head. A baseball hat, for instance, may shade your face, but it does nothing for your ears or the back of your neck. Hats that have a full three hundred sixty-degree hat brim do well to cover all of you neck and face.
And make sure that you are performing self-checks on yourself and on your children. Know your moles, birthmarks, and freckles well, as any changes should be inspected by your dermatologist.
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We hope you have an amazing summer, just make sure to stay safe. Contact Central Wellness Today for all of your skin care needs!