Prenatal Massage

Central Wellness offers massage in many varieties: hot stone massage, wellness massage, foot reflexivity—to name a few. There is also a Prenatal Massage, which is designed specifically for mothers-to-be who are in their second and third trimesters. This is a full-body massage, performed on a special table with special accommodations that enable a woman to lay out flat on her stomach.
Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful time, but it is also physically stressful on a woman’s body. The Prenatal Massage helps to soothe aches and pains, alleviate the muscle tension, and improve circulation.
Studies also show that prenatal massage can decrease anxiety and stress. It can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, and it’s possible that prenatal massage—performed on a healthy woman who has been determined by her physician to have a healthy pregnancy—can improve the outcome of labor and possibly even improve newborn health.

Prenatal Massage to Reduce Swelling

One of the unfortunate effects of pregnancy on the body is swelling. The condition of swelling associated with pregnancy is called edema; edema is the swelling of the joint tissues during pregnancy. Massage can help stimulate those soft tissues, which could help reduce the collection of fluid in the joints.

Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain is common during pregnancy. Late in pregnancy, especially, when the uterus begins to rest over the muscles that comprise the pelvic floor and the lower back. This causes stress and tension within the muscles, and the muscles within the upper and lower leg swell and put undue stress and pressure on nearby nerves. Thankfully, massage targets these areas, and oftentimes it will alleviate the painful symptoms associated with the pressure on those nerves.
If you have any troublesome complications that have arisen during pregnancy, conditions such as preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and severe swelling, you should first talk with your doctor before you come in for massage. If you are having a healthy pregnancy, and would like to feel the nurturing and rejuvenating effects of a Prenatal Massage, then call Central Wellness today.