Non-Surgical Facelift

Central Wellness offers a non-surgical Facelift that is FDA approved. The procedure, called a Thread Lift, uses temporary absorbable sutures. These sutures help to achieve similar results to a traditional facelift but without the accompanying downtime or risks.
Each suture is completely absorbable. They can be inserted in areas of the face, neck, and other parts of the body. Threads are of varying lengths and sizes are used to be completely accurate and precise.

How Does a Thread Lift, the Non-surgical Facelift Work?

Threads are strategically placed within the skin to act as a scaffold. The threads will lift, contour, and smooth-out the skin. The threads are placed deep within the facial tissues; each thread will help to trigger the body’s response for healing a wound. And when the skin’s healing responses are triggered, new bundles of collagen will be produced.
What Will a Thread Lift Treat?
A Thread Lift treats sagging skin and jowls. Skin can sag loose around the neckline. It can also treat a loss of volume in the area of the cheeks, and pull skin taught to iron out those fine lines and wrinkles.
Amazingly, the procedure can do all these things with minimal downtime—24-48 hours—and the effects from the procedure can last for over a year—up to eighteen months. Following a procedure, patients will notice significant improvement gradually. And although there is some discomfort associated with the process, topical and/or local anesthetic will be applied to numb the treatment area. As opposed to a traditional facelift, which does have certain dangers involved, there are no cuts or incisions to be made during a Thread Lift Procedure—the entire procedure is completed with a needle. There is a possibility of some swelling and bruising, although in these cases the swelling and bruising should go away in one to two days.
Central Wellness does offer a complimentary consultation so that you may see and better understand the process of a non-surgical Facelift, and also make a plan with the medical staff at Central Wellness that best suits your own needs. If you are ready to achieve a fresh young look, then call Central Wellness today.