Non-Surgical Facelift In Time for The Holidays

At Central Wellness, we have a new skin tightening procedure that is available to patients looking for improvement without surgery.
At Central Wellness, we use a popular forms of energy that is used by the top Plastic Surgeons, ultrasound. It’s used in the Vaser liposuction device and now, is available for skin tightening with Ulthera. Ulthera is a more precise form of skin tightening and we are excited to offer the services at Central Wellness.
With Ulthera we can focus the ultrasound energy and see the depth that we are reaching to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment for their needs. Ulthera seems is much more predictable in its efficacy. Ulthera is currently only FDA approved for use around the eyes and on the face.
The ideal patient for Ulthera is one who doesn’t yet have extensive skin laxity, but is beginning to have some jowling and the loose skin in the neck area especially.
You can have Ulthera at lunch and at supper you’re out with your friends and no one really knows. It truly is a non-invasive treatment and our patients are seeing GREAT results! If you are interested in a non-surgical face-lift, schedule an appointment today.