Microblading Billings MT
Get gorgeous brows that you don’t have to paint, pencil, stencil or stamp!

 Actual Central Wellness patients 

We are thrilled to offer this new, life-changing service to our repertoire! Get beautiful, natural looking eyebrows that have the appearance of hairstrokes. Microblading will enhance your look by:

  • Filling in sparse areas
  • Replacing hairloss from aging
  • Adding symmetry and shape
  • Giving brows consistent coloring

Microblading Q & A's

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup application. This treatment is somewhat like a tattoo, but is meant to give the look of natural, eyebrow hairstrokes.

Microblading is performed using a hand-held tool that penetrates only the top layers of the skin (not as deep as a tattoo). Small strokes are made into the skin which pigment is rubbed into.

About 12-18 months. We recommend coming in for an initial touch up four weeks after your first treatment. Additional touch ups may extend the life of your microblading.

In short, yes, there may be some discomfort. We do offer topical numbing cream that significantly lessens the pain. You may experience pressure or a scratching sensation.

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If you’re interested in getting microblading, read our pre and post care instructions to get the best possible results!

You will receive this during your appointment as well.