We often think of menopause as a condition that affects women. During menopause, a woman’s body undergoes drastic changes, and the changes, caused by a decrease in and imbalance of hormones, is dramatic and sudden. It’s an immediate and sudden plunge into hormone loss/imbalance, whereas for men, who also experience hormone loss and imbalance, the change is much more gradual. And for men the change in hormone levels begins at a much earlier age, and continues, progressively, throughout middle to advanced age.
Now there are no two cases of male menopause that are exactly the same; the differences in hormone levels in males can be vastly different. To speak generally, older males have lower levels of testosterone than younger males. And typically, males begin to see a decrease in testosterone around the age of thirty, and levels of testosterone in the body will continue to decrease throughout his life.
The greatest loss in hormones begins when a man is between the ages of forty-five and fifty. But at any one point in a man’s life, the ever-decreasing levels of testosterone can cause certain problems.
Symptoms for a decrease in hormones—or a complete diminishment/imbalance—are varied, although many are common. The most talked about symptom is a loss in sexual function; erectile dysfunction, while also a possible symptom of other harmful conditions such as heart disease, is common.
Erratic mood swings and difficulty sleeping are also common. Others are sudden changes in motivation and increased drowsiness. A man’s body could break down, and he could lose muscle mass and definition; he could lose strength; he could begin to more easily put on unwanted weight.
Unfortunately, menopause is real for both men and women, but it doesn’t have to be such a drudgery. Central Wellness has hormone therapies that can greatly improve hormone loss/imbalance, improving quality of life. And if you have any questions about modern hormone therapy, or would like to schedule your consultation with the medical staff at Central Wellness to determine the course of treatment best suited to your needs, then call today.