Massage can be a powerful tool. It can help to relieve pain in a person’s body or mind; equally so it can alleviate the stresses and anxieties we hold in our bodies, help a person take charge, both physically and mentally, over his or her own health and well-being. How, you might ask, is massage capable of doing this? Here are a few ways.
Massage as treatment or alternative medicine has been around for as long as mankind. Today, it’s used both as a relaxation technique and as a compliment to treatment for a variety of conditions. Massage helps to relive tension and pain in the muscles. It helps to relieve stress we hold in our bodies. It’s also know to help alleviate the symptoms of: Anxiety, headache and migraine, digestive problems, and insomnia. Also, massage is used to help treat physical injury, certain types of joint pain, and strains in the soft tissues.
If you have never experienced a massage, know that it’s nothing more than the manipulation—the rubbing, pressing, kneading of skin, muscles, ligament, and tendons—of focused areas on the body, using pressures that vary in intensity from a light stroking to a deep pushing pressure. The type of massage will vary with the needs of the patient.
There are other benefits to massage. For instance, even though the body is being worked on, the mind also benefits. For some people a massage is relaxing, and it can help to produce feelings of
connection and comfort. Now, you might be tempted to get a massage only because it’s a way to pamper yourself. And, in some cases, it is; and it’s totally worth it. But, don’t associate the massage with this type of pampering. It’s a powerful health tool, too, one that should be taken advantage of to support both your body and your mind.
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