Massage: A Very Enjoyable Form of Medicine

Massage is a powerful medical therapy to help you feel your absolute best. A single session of massage therapy can give you instant power over your bodily health, and also improve your mental well-being—imagine feeling instantly refreshed and calm.

Massage: A Very Enjoyable Form of Medicine

Massage is a type of medical therapy that’s offered almost everywhere—massage chairs have become ubiquitous fixtures in malls, airports, offices (Most don’t offer the kind of intimate and intensive therapy offered at Central Wellness). It’s considered a much-needed complimentary medicine to help treat a wide variety of medical conditions.
Studies have found that massage can be used as a complimentary/alternative medicine to help treat: digestive disorders, sports injuries, headaches, fibromyalgia, stress-related insomnia, and injuries to the soft tissue. It also has a tendency to produce in patients the feeling of being relaxed and comfortable, and also to feel a real human connection.
Thankfully, Central Wellness offers a few different types of massage to cater to most any patient’s needs. The Wellness Massage offered at Central Wellness is the traditional massage that’s both fully customizable to the patient’s needs and also focuses entirely on the patient’s total sense of well-being. This means that as a treatment the massage encompasses more than just bodily massage—which is both considerate and relaxing—but also incorporates aromatherapy and heat to relax the body as well as the mind.
The Prenatal Massage is designed for those mothers-to-be. It’s a full-body massage that helps to soothe those aches and pains that oftentimes accompany pregnancy. The treatment promotes better circulation and eases muscle tension, and is performed on a special table to accommodate the pregnant belly of healthy mothers who are in their second or third trimesters.
Foot Reflexology is for anyone who would like a healing deep and thorough massage that helps to increase circulation and reduce pain, but also to promote whole body relaxation and overall well-being.
If you have any questions about the massages offered at Central Wellness, or if you or someone you know (Remember that massage makes a perfect gift for anyone) is ready to schedule your first session, then call Central Wellness today.

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