March Madness Is Under “Weigh”

Last Wednesday was the starting date of the Central Wellness First Annual March Madness Health Challenge! We are so excited about the interest and feedback we have had on this event and are looking forward to a fabulous month with all of our contestants!
Contestants have been asked to track their water intake, get 30 minutes or more of exercise in each day, and keep an accurate food journal. Each Wednesday, participants will check in, weigh in, and get their tracking sheet for the next week. The contestant who drinks the most water, gets the most exercise and most accurately tracks their food will win a prize each week. The person with the most points at the end of the competition will win our grand prize!
We hope this contest will encourage all of the participants to commit to living healthier, not just in March, but going forward. I was a very exciting time to kick off our event. The American Cancer Society and Central Wellness are proud to bring this challenge to the community and hope for it to be an annual event!

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