Lifestyle Change

Everywhere we hear about lifestyle changes; whenever talk of health, especially eating habits and exercise, get discussed. And that’s because it’s incredibly important when a person chooses to undergo a change in diet, or to add exercise to his or her life, that he or she should stick to the diet chosen or the exercise performed without much, if any, deviation.
The foods we eat and the exercise we perform should become the new normal. And lifestyle changes, in general, can be difficult to adhere to completely, because they are an interruption to the life we already live. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible, or overly difficult, to undergo a lifestyle change; it does mean that certain preparations need to be made, and, quite possibly, should be incorporated little by little.
That means that exercise should be performed with a gradual increase in both amount and intensity. For example, person who doesn’t get much exercise, but who decides to set a goal to run a marathon, shouldn’t jump into full-scale training, but should increase the duration and intensity over time.
Accountability is the key to a successful lifestyle change. And education is vitally important; to begin, don’t just eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc., because that’s what we are told, generically, to eat. Get to know the foods you want to eat and cook (Remember, a change in dietary behavior will likely require a change in the amount of time spent preparing food and cooking).
You are more likely to stick to a change in diet if you enjoy the food you eat. Also, get to know the exercises you perform and how the exercises will benefit the body. Set both short and long-term goals for exercise—goals that are both easy and difficult to achieve.
And thankfully, in addition to your own abilities and desire to hold yourself accountable for your own lifestyle changes/adherence to goals, Central Wellness is ready to help, getting your back when you need support. If you are wondering how Central Wellness can help you, then call today.

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