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After cleansing my skin and giving my face a killer massage that lifted tension in my temples and unclenched my lockjaw, Garcia set the machine to cleanse my skin again, then performed lymphatic drainage—something that helps flush toxins beneath the skin.
Then came time for the big guns: exfoliation and deep cleaning that typically employ abrasion and lancing. Sure enough, when the wand touched my skin, only a very light sucking sensation was felt. And even though glycolic and salicylic acid were used—a combination that typically makes my skin tingle—I experienced no discomfort. In fact, it simply felt like I was being given cooling, wet pecks on the cheek (something, as it turns out, that feels much less gross than wet kisses to the mouth).
The treatment seemed so gentle that I worried it wasn’t actually doing much. But afterward, when Garcia showed me a container of gray, cloudy liquid—complete with floating particles—that had been collected from my pores, I could see exactly how much progress had been made.
HydraFacial MD treatments typically ring in at about $100 and take roughly 20 minutes, though my particular treatment was luxed up to a blissful 90 minutes that included massage. Afterward, my face gleamed from the deep cleaning, with absolutely no redness in sight—an effect that explains why this relaxing but results-driven treatment has become a go-to for both sensitive-skin types in need of deep cleaning and those on the go.
I took a page from the Hollywood playbook and headed out to a fancy restaurant directly after my treatment, wearing a swipe of lipstick as my only makeup. When a gentleman at the bar told me that my aura was glowing, I took the compliment, knowing what he was really noticing was ultra-clean and calm skin.