Learn More: BBL Photofacial

What is BBL Broadband Light?

BBL photofacial light is utilized at Central Wellness in our signature BBL Photofacial.  Using intense pulsed light therapy, the photofacial is designed to treat years of harsh treatment or neglect and can take years off your complexion. BBL works by using targeted light energy to heat the upper layers of  your skin. This heat increases collagen, restoring your skin to its natural beauty. The machine is equipped with an advanced cooling feature, which eliminates any discomfort. For those who find the treatment uncomfortable, numbing cream can be applied before the procedure.

What areas does BBL Treat?

BBL focuses on freckles, age spots, and other pigmented areas, as well as redness, ruddiness, and uneven skin tone. Any area of the body can be treated, with the most common areas including the face, hands, and torso.


What does BBL feel like?
BBL is gentle, but everyone’s tolerance is different. A topical anesthetic can be applied, but most will be fine without it. Should you feel any discomfort during your facial, let your esthetician know right away.
How many treatments do I need?
We recommend that patients receive at least three to four treatments a year for optimal results. Keep in mind that your skin is different and you may need a more customized plan. Our providers may recommend that you combine your treatments with Ultherapy or Botox for even better results.
How can I prepare?
Please stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds prior to your treatment, and avoid or cease using medication that makes you more sensitive to light. Other than that, just come relaxed and follow any other instructions our professionals set out before your appointment.
What should I expect after my BBL photofacial?
You’ll see some mild redness directly after your treatment, but nothing too extreme or obvious. It may feel like a light sunburn in the treated areas, but the sensation will dissipate in as little as a few hours. Just days after treatment you’ll see healthier skin.