Kybella: You Don’t Have to Live with a Double Chin

If you have a double chin then you are not alone. Did you know that according to surveys conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery that sixty-seven percent of people were unhappy or bothered by the fat that has accumulated beneath their chin? It’s true. And the double chin is not something that everyone can control. The double chin can be caused by a number of reasons that include being overweight, but also include genetics and aging (when we age the collagen—collagen is the structural protein found in the skin—breaks down in certain areas, and one of those areas is the skin beneath the chin). And it affects both men and women alike.

How Does Can a Person Fix the Double Chin?

A double chin can be controlled by Kybella. Kybella is a treatment that is injected into the fat beneath the skin. The Kybella will destroy the fat cells. The reason Kybella is so effective is because the main ingredient is a naturally occurring molecule within the body—deoxycholic acid—and that molecule aids in the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat. And once the Kybella destroys those fat cells they cannot again store or accumulate fat. And the best part? When a Kybella treatment goes to work—and it may take several treatments to achieve a certain aesthetic response—you will not need to have another Kybella treatment. Usually a patient only needs two to four treatments to achieve his or her desired results.
If you have any questions as to how Kybella can change your appearance by completely getting rid of that obnoxious double chin, then call Central Wellness today to make an appointment to schedule an initial complimentary consultation. The amount of Kybella treatments needed to achieve optimal results will be determined at your consultation with your Central Wellness trained professional. And remember that once the Kybella treatments have achieved the desired appearance then no further treatment will be needed. Call Central Wellness today.