Hydrate Your Skin:

It’s important to keep skin hydrated. And it can be especially difficult to keep skin hydrated in the winter months when the Montana climate is so dry and cold. There are a few symptoms that often accompany dehydrated skin, the most obvious of which is itchiness and flakiness, but it could also unfortunately show up as a set of dark circles beneath the eyes or an overall dull-looking complexion. Dehydration could also make fine lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced. But there are simple ways to treat skin dehydration and maintain healthy looking skin throughout the cold, dry months. Here’s a few tips…

Hydrate Your Skin:

Water is very important for health, but it cannot be solely responsible for hydrating skin. Everyone should drink ample water each and every day, morning through evening; and while water is vitally important to our system, including our skin, it is still important to protect skin from the environment. It’s important to use a moisturizer regularly throughout the day, but especially important following hand washing and showering. Also, whenever skin is exposed to the elements for long periods of time, it’s important to reapply moisturizers frequently.
Moisturizers are not all created equal, however, and if you have any questions about the types that would work best for your skin type, you will find the guidance for the perfect type of moisturizer at Central Wellness. You may also want to reconsider the type of soap or soaps you use to wash your hands, face, and body, especially in the cold, dry months.
It is also important to keep skin covered whenever it is exposed to the elements. Gloves, mittens, stocking hats, scarves, etc., are especially important to protect skin against the elements. During participation in an outdoor activity—skiing, sledding—it’s also important to wear an appropriate sun block in addition to protective clothing and moisturizer.
If you have any questions about how Central Wellness can help you achieve hydrated skin, then call today. In addition to hydrated skin, a day at the spa can ward away the cold-weather blues of January and February.

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