How to Survive Menopause

Symptoms of menopause can be tough. Hot flashes, low libido, fatigue, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and loss of motivation are a few of the symptoms many women experience when they start to lose their normal hormone production. What many women don’t know is that these symptoms are treatable. You no longer have to survive menopause, you can thrive. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help with all of these symptoms. Central Wellness has board certified nurse practitioners on staff to perform a comprehensive exam to help understand exactly what hormones your body needs. Bio-Identical Hormones have the same natural structure as the hormones produced in your own body. Because of this your body effectively absorbs Bio-Identical Hormones giving you all the benefits without the risk or synthetic hormones.
Central Wellness also offers Hormone Therapy Pellet Implants. We are proud to be the only facility in town that offers this. The benefits of pellet implants is that they deliver consistent, physiologic levels of hormones. Call 406-869-1066 to schedule your complimentary consultation for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy today!