How To Lose Weight Over The Holidays

We all get frustrated over the holiday season, co-workers bring in tons of goodies and then there is party after party. Most of us just give up and don’t even try to maintain or lose weight during the holidays. But the good news is, you do not have to gain weight over the holidays. You don’t have to starve or feel hungry all the time either. Here are a few tips that you can start today and they will assist you in being ale to maintain a healthy weight without the normal holiday food battle.
Tips to help you maintain a healthy weight during the holidays:
1-Never arrive hungry. Eat a nutritional snack before you go. Drink lots of water.
2-Mingle-use your friends and co-workers as a distraction. Spend the time catching up and visiting. You’ll find that the distraction will keep you from the food tables.
3-Pace yourself. Small portions, chew your food slowly.
4-Count your calories-know how many calories that you can have before you arrive. Knowledge is power.
5-Be picky about alcohol. Know the calories in your drinks and take that into consideration.
6-Be choosy about sweets. Bring a dessert that you can have, that isn’t loaded with calories.
7-If you’re cooking, limit yourself on the taste tests. This can add a lot of calories to your day.
8-Walk it off-walk extra, go a few extra miles if you know that you are going to be splurging.
The biggest thing is don’t give up. Even if you have set back. Hang in there and keep trying. For more tips and advice, please schedule an appointment today with our Medical Weight Management Provider today!