How To Avoid Weight Gain During Thanksgiving

Avoid Gobbling up all the Food!

Tips to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving Day

We all know Thanksgiving is that one day a year where we just eat too much! We never mean to, but with all of the food in front of you it is hard not to. Here at Central Wellness, we have been reading up on some great tips on how to prevent yourself from ruining your entire week of dieting in one day. We have chosen some of our favorites to share with you.
Don’t skip meals the day before or the morning of!
Making sure you are keeping your metabolism going is going to help you digest the food you do eat at Thanksgiving dinner.
Sit down!
Sounds a little silly, but when we sit we are more likely to enjoy the food we are eating, rather than mindlessly grazing.
Watch the alcohol intake!
We all love a good glass of wine or that homemade eggnog. But remember those are empty calories!
Slow down!
Take time to savor the food you are eating. We guarantee it isn’t going anywhere! Also, remember there will probably be left overs tomorrow, so don’t feel like it is your last meal.
Talk it up!
Remember why we have Thanksgiving. Take this time to visit and catch up with your friends and family. It is hard to eat when you are busy chatting with good company!
We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Here at Central Wellness, we are so very thankful for our wonderful clients!