How Does Your Face Age?

Age affects all parts of our bodies. The changes are widespread and seem to progress dramatically the older we get. For instance, one day we may look in the mirror and wrinkles and fine lines seem to have been created overnight. And any of the age-related changes that occur in our face are seemingly placed at the forefront of our lives.

How Does Your Face Age?

Obvious Facial Changes

The most obvious change to happen to our face are the wrinkles and lines that develop. But the forehead can also begin to appear larger because our hair lines retreat; the ears can appear larger because the cartilage grows; the nose can droop because the connective tissue that’s supporting our nasal cartilage breaks down or weakens.
Beneath the skin the fat in our faces eventually loses volume and distributes unevenly. The areas of the face that were once well-rounded and plump take on different shape; pockets develop and skin sags. We also tend to put on fat in different areas as we age; genetics and other natural factors affect this fat distribution dramatically. We tend to develop fat in our necks and beneath our chin.


Thanks to Central Wellness you have several options to limit the drama of age-related changes that take place. You have options like Botox Cosmetic, which, for those who don’t yet know, is a non-surgical, minimal-to-no downtime required procedure to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Other procedures include Cool sculpting, which can eliminate stubborn fat cells, and the best part: the stubborn fat cells are eliminated forever.
Dermal Fillers are another safe and effective option to help sculpt the areas on our faces, providing natural-looking youthful results that last. Also, procedures such as thread lifts and Kybella (Kybella is fat-destroying treatment that can help to get rid of fat cell; it can be used to completely eliminate a possible double chin) can help to restore a once youthful appearance, or even create something natural and new and exciting.
If you have any questions as to how Central Wellness can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, then make sure you call today.