How Do You Relax?

We all live busy lives, and it’s important to remember to not let the everyday stress get the better of us. It’s important to take some time out, daily, for ourselves. Make some mental space. Of course, you could visit Central Wellness for some time out to relax. But, there are also ways to relax in the in-between times in your busy day. The busier we are the less likely we are to remember to relax, to find coherence in the almost hyper speed at which our lives, at times, tend to move.
Aside from gaining mental awareness, relaxation techniques can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve digestion—stress can cause issues in our stomachs—it can help you sleep, help you concentrate; and, socially, it can boost your confidence and keep your mood pleasant.
There are different types of relaxation techniques. The first, called Autogenic Relaxation, means that you focus on your emotions but also on your physical body—this means that it’s good to focus on things that stress us, focus on the thoughts and where we feel the stress (oftentimes when we’re stressed, it manifests somewhere in our bodies—our necks and back are likely places to feel tense from stress).
Then, once you’ve discovered where and why, you should focus on something calming—in other words, you’re developing the answer to deal with the problem. You can find words to deal with it, imagine places, etc.—it’s just talking yourself out from wherever you’re cornered. Oftentimes, Autogenic Relaxation could go well together with visualization exercises where you spend time in in your mind in a peaceful state.
Another method, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, involves a bodily process of flexing muscles in the body, individually, then releasing and relaxing the muscle. This process works well for people who struggle to sleep. Oftentimes it loosens things up enough that the body relaxes. This is also good practice for those who work at a desk all day in a busy environment.
Now, Central Wellness is also ready to help you to relax. A massage by one of the professionals at Central Wellness will help you to be rid of stress and feeling terrific. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.