Hiking is a great summer activity. And it doesn’t need to be complicated. Yes, you could drive in an hour or so to the Beartooth Mountains and have an amazing hiking experience—it’s worth the trip if you’ve never made it—but, equally so, you don’t need the remotest backcountry or the tallest of mountains to appreciate a hike. Any trail with nature: trees, grass, birds, bees, etc., will suffice. Strap on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and go. Luckily, Billings has numerous opportunities to find a trail and to do some hiking. But, why would you want to do it in the first place? Why is it recommended for your health? Here are a few reasons to get out there and experience nature on your feet.
Why would I want to Hike?
Aside from the health aspects, hiking is fun. Even if you are unaccustomed to the outdoors, find a trail here: http://www.billingsparks.org/trails/ that is close to your home. Plan your route—know the maps of the routes you plan to hike. And then try another trail and another until you get more comfortable. Then, if you want, begin to go on hikes that are slightly more adventurous—the main thing is just to have fun! This is the kind of activity where you get to tweak the adventure to be exactly how you want it. Enjoy yourself. Have fun and stay safe.
For Your Health
Exercise doesn’t need to be complicated; you don’t need a gym, you don’t need the willpower and focus of a triathlete, you just need to be moving. You can walk your way to good health; or maintain if you’re already there. Hiking can help you keep your weight in check, it gets blood pumping throughout the body, it strengths your bodies muscles, and it can even improve your coordination. And, to top it off, hiking helps to improve your mood—your overall mental health.
What’s not to like? Hiking is a terrific way to make exercising fun. So get out there and enjoy the scenery, enjoy the benefits a hike can have on your life.