Healthy-Looking Skin Tips

Cold weather will soon arrive, and with the cold will come the dry air of fall and early winter. Humidity in Montana trends lower in the fall months, making skin care a top priority. But, thankfully, there are methods of care to keep your skin looking and feeling terrific in any season. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and comfortable.
Dry skin on the hands, feet, face, etc., is annoying, and it can even be painful. And when the skin is overly dried out it can seem that a cure is impossible. But, when you notice signs of dry skin, it’s best to change or modify a few everyday habits that can compound the effects of the dry, cold air. First, it’s a good idea to avoid hot, hot water. That doesn’t mean that you have to wash your hands under a cold tap, or take a cold shower in the morning. But the hotter the water used the faster the skin will dehydrate; it sounds counterintuitive that water is a culprit for dry skin, but it’s true. And when you leave the shower or dry your hands after washing, remember to pat dry with the towel; when you wipe a towel over the skin aggressively, it will remove the water and oils within the skin.
It’s also incredibly important to remember to use skincare products daily. For instance, it’s a good practice to keep a bottle of moisturizer in the bathroom and near the kitchen sink, so you can moisturize the skin immediately after washing. It’s especially important in the kitchen where oftentimes you may have to wash your hands frequently as you cook.
Dry skin is unfortunate, although it is incredibly common and treatable. And if you have any questions about skincare products, or would like to schedule an aesthetic treatment, then call Central Wellness today.