Great Skin For 2018!

Yes, we all want to have healthy looking skin; skin that is free from wrinkles; skin that glows and doesn’t appear or feel oily and congested. But how do we get the skin we want, and how do we keep our skin looking the way we want it to look throughout the entire year? One answer, not surprisingly, is to have a regular facial treatment—a treatment performed by the professional staff at Central Wellness.
Why Should You Get a Regular Facial Treatment?
Central Wellness can customize each facial treatment to address your skin’s needs. At Central Wellness, a facial treatment is not generic but structured to both suit individual skin needs and still be adaptable enough to encompass other universal skin concerns. You can make up a treatment plan, discussing your skin goals with your own Hydra Facial MD Professional, that will target problem areas and improve your skin’s overall health. A facial treatment can help to remedy skin conditions such as: fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness, skin tone evenness and skin vibrancy, texture, hyperpigmentation, oily and congested skin, enlarged pores, and the advanced signs of aging.
Hydra Facial Procedures
The procedure involves multiple steps to cleanse, exfoliate and extract dead skin cells, and, at the same time, replenish our skin’s vital nutrients. The facials were designed with specific protocols—solutions—designed to target universal skin needs such as wrinkles or excessive oil. But even though the protocols are somewhat specific in nature, you and your Central Wellness Hydra Facial Professional can come up with a treatment that works best for your own needs. Everyone’s skin is different, and skin treatments shouldn’t come as only one type.
The Hydra Facial Treatment itself should only last about thirty minutes. And, amazingly, you can put on makeup right after a treatment. You can even get back to your daily activities without any downtime!
If you think that you are ready to make 2018 the year that you take your skin health seriously, then call Central Wellness today and schedule your first appointment.