Good Posture

If you are someone who works at a desk for hours on end, day-in and day-out, you are probably no stranger to having back pain, shoulder pain, or stiffness. Because so much of the modern workforce is in an office at a computer, work related discomfort and pain is practically ubiquitous. But, it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone. With a few adjustments, you can support your spine, and help to keep your joints healthy while you work. Here’s how.


Chair ergonomics are vitally important to having correct posture. The computer monitor should be at an arm’s length away. While you sit and type at the computer, the wrists should be straight, and the hands should be below the level of the elbows. This is a tricky posture for taller people, because most desks are sized to fit people with smaller legs.
A thirty-inch desk height is very common, and that height is well-below the requirement needed for most tall people to sit comfortably beneath a desk. Finally, while you sit at your desk, your legs should be at right angles to the floor, meaning your legs from your seat to your knees should run perpendicular to the floor; then bent at ninety-degrees at your knees, with your feet resting firmly, supportively (not dangling) on the floor.

Put posture into practice

Try the work equipment you have at home or work. Try and place yourself in these postures. Sometimes, not always but sometimes, you may feel a slight discomfort as the body adjusts to the correct posture—no, this doesn’t mean pain! (if there’s pain you’re doing it wrong). It’s easier to slouch than to remain upright with good posture, which is why sometimes the body can feel uncomfortable being put into a posture for long periods.
As the day wears on, make sure you are taking plenty of breaks. Stretch, flex, walk, get fresh blood pumped into those joints and muscles. Stay as active as possible. Overtime, people who suffer a general discomfort of daily desk work, will benefit from good posture, and frequent burst of stretching and activity.

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