Get Rid Of Pesky Body Hair

If you are someone who has the daily routine of tweezing, shaving, or even waxing unwanted body hair, then maybe it’s time you consider the process of Laser Hair Removal. It’s a non-invasive procedure for both men and women, and the procedure is both effective at hair removal and it’s easy to perform—no downtime is required after a treatment. A wide range of men and women with various skin types can have permanent hair removal with the advanced technologies in use at Central Wellness.
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Your professional at Central Wellness will use a device called the Elite MPX, which is the most versatile platform in use for modern laser hair removal, and the device will sequentially fire different laser wavelengths through a hand piece. The laser will pass through the skin and into individual hair follicles, and because the laser is intensely hot—not too hot, however, to be overly painful (Elite MPX’s hand piece also emits cool air to make the procedure more comfortable)—the hair follicle gets damaged by the laser.
Yes, the treatments at Central Wellness have been approved by the FDA. Also, the spectrum of light emitted from the laser does not cause cancer. And the laser itself doesn’t penetrate into the skin far enough that it can damage the muscles, bones, and organs. The only considerations following a procedure are to avoid hot saunas or baths for the few days after a treatment, because hot steam or hot water could dry out your skin; you will also need to more conscious of applying sunscreen to the treated area. Virtually any adult can be a candidate for the procedure; traditionally, women were more likely to participate, although men are beginning to see the benefits of back and chest hair removal.
Treatments take place every 4-8 weeks, the timeframe depending both on the areas in which the hair is being removed. For a treatment to be successful at permanent hair removal, it will take at least six treatments with the laser.
If you are ready to get serious about getting rid of your unwanted body hair then call Central Wellness and schedule your first laser hair removal appointment today.

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