GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is incredibly common. While the disease has many causes it’s likely that it has become more prevalent because of the modern diet (more on that in a minute). The symptoms for GERD involve common heartburn symptoms, burpig, pain in the chest not associated with a burning sensation (although if you are experiencing pain in your chest this could be a sign of a more serious and life threatening condition and the pain should be immediately checked out by a health care professional—immediately), pain in your stomach, and other digestive issues. GERD happens when the contents or acids in your stomach come up from the stomach and into the food pipe. This backwash irritates the lining of your esophagus.
There are over the counter medications for GERD, although recent studies show that PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors—pills that help to keep your stomach acids from building up) are linked to other serious conditions such as stomach bleeds or, even, when used prevalently, long term, can cause Alzheimer’s disease. If you are experiencing GERD, it’s best to get the problem under control. Oftentimes a lifestyle change can turn things around in our digestive system.
Issues that can cause GERD are numerous, and obviously include diet, but there are a few causes which you may not have considered that include: Obesity, hernia, Pregnancy—it’s a common problem for pregnant woman, and, usually, the condition will subside after the pregnancy—tobacco use, dry mouth—saliva is one of the bodies built-in deterrents for keeping down stomach acids—and systemic disease such as diabetes. If GERD is the outcome of some of these conditions, a lifestyle change can, usually, be enough to assist the digestive system. To
combat the symptoms of GERD try exercise; pay attention to what you eat—spicy foods are obvious triggers, but also foods heavy in fats, and foods like milk and other dairy products (ice cream can be a huge trigger for some people’s digestive systems).
Also, stress can be factor in GERD, and Central Wellness is ready to help relax you with a massage or a day at the spa. And if you need assistance as to how to make a healthy lifestyle change, Central Wellness is here to help.