Food Pyramid

We’ve all seen the now out-of-date government built food pyramid. The pyramid itself was built on the foundation of servings each and every day, which, unfortunately, for years and years, served as both a confusing and non-reliable model of quality eating habits.
We all know that we’re supposed to eat certain varieties of foods and to stay clear of other types. Which makes the new model called MyPlate (see it here: https://www.choosemyplate.gov) a more effective model of healthy eating.

Food Pyramid

Grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein are all given equal measurement. No, this model obviously does not fit into everyone’s lifestyle; but that’s also what makes this model so great: these are the building blocks of a healthy diet. It acknowledges, by ambiguity (protein can stand in for anything) that vegans and vegetarians can still get protein sources into their diets without eating meat. It’s only saying that protein is one of the building blocks of a healthy diet.
Plant-based proteins can be just as beneficial as animal-based (on the old pyramid, did you ever notice how it said meat, and, when they did eventually change that to protein, they still included a picture of a bone-in-ham?). And, while many people are already aware of this type of diet, it serves as an important reminder for those who aren’t.
Ambiguity seems to be MyPlate’s biggest strength. It’s left up to you to interpret. For many of us, we’re not always—every meal and snack for the rest of our lives—going to eat perfectly. Sugar and caffeine will find a way (chocolate?).
But, hopefully models like these, and others, remind us that it’s important to our bodily health, and to our mental health, to try and eat healthy. It’s become such a cliché to say: “Eating healthy”; but it’s harped-on so much because it’s true. Our bodies need healthy foods, in variety. Our bodies need different sources of vitamins and minerals.
If you have any questions as to how your own personal diet is affecting your health, then call or make an appointment at Central Wellness.

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