Eyelashes, like most things, deteriorate as we age. As we age, our bodies undergo a hormone imbalance that can thin our hair—including eyebrow/eyelash hair. And it can/does/will happen to everyone eventually. There are other reasons for hair loss, outside of aging, and while there is no one direct cause of eyelash-thinning or eyelash-loss, here are a few of the most common reasons, and a few tips and methods as to how to prevent/treat eyelash deterioration.

Reasons Eyelashes Deteriorate…

You may be deteriorating your eyelashes without knowing it. For instance, you may be scrubbing your eyelashes away when you wash-away or remove your makeup. Excessive stress is also another likely cause. And if you believe stress to be the cause of your hair loss, then you may want to undergo treatment/relaxation techniques that benefits your full body health as well as your eyelashes. Eyelash loss could also be a sign of an allergic reaction: mascara is a common culprit. If you wear mascara excessively or if you sleep in your mascara know that it hardens while you wear it, and the hardening that happens could break or cause damage to the lashes.

Treatments for Eyelash Deterioration/Loss

Central Wellness offers several treatments to renew/boost the appearance of lashes. First, there is a treatment to give your lashes a natural lift. The treatment will help to lengthen and curl your eyelashes. The treated eyelashes will take on a separated appearance which has a natural and full-looking appearance even without makeup! Another treatment is to tint the lashes a darker shade.
Using an eye-safe dye, the treatment provides a low-maintenance natural appearance that can last up to six weeks. And for anyone who has brows that have a too-light or inconsistent tint or coloring, Central Wellness offers a type of brow tint that keeps your brows natural-looking for up to eight months.
Unfortunately, our features change with age and lifestyle, but, fortunately, Central Wellness is ready to help you maintain a natural and youthful appearance regardless. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your first appointment, then call Central Wellness today.

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