Eye Strain

Because we live in the era of cell phones and other electronic devices that seemingly requests our attentions for most of the day, eye strain has become a prevalent, although easy to treat problem. Eye strain can happen for a variety of reasons that don’t always involve a cell phone or a computer screen or a television; it could also by something like a long drive without a break. And when it happens it’s persistent and bothersome, but it can be treated, most times treated easily and without medical intervention, on your own using a few techniques.
Symptoms of eye strain vary. Obviously if you have been sitting in front of a computer screen with little to no breaks for long periods and your eyes start to water or feel sore or even itchy, that’s both the symptoms and the likely cause. However, it can also come on unexpectedly and in more hidden forms such as muscle aches, back aches, headaches, your eyes may become sensitive to light, etc.
Combat Eye Strain!
Now, you could just take frequent breaks from whatever intense work or activity you are performing on a computer screen, or your cell phone, or your long drive, or whatever it is you’re doing. But, that’s not always practical for those of you whose work or life often brings these long situations to you.
So, for instance, if you have to work at a computer for long hours, make sure to take your eyes from the screen every once in a while. Look at the wall, the ceiling, whatever, as long as you just find something different than the glare of your reflective computer screen to watch, momentarily.
Take a break! Also, eye strain caused form your devices or your computer could be caused because you’re looking at the device at an improper angle, and the glare from the screen is affecting your eye sight. You could also just be sitting in your chair with bad posture.
If you need any relief from the stresses of your workday or a long week, Central Wellness is always here to help you feel better.