Eye Fatigue

The research is overwhelming: the screen on our phone, tablet, and computer causes eye fatigue. It’s a common condition, but there are side-effects, especially when the initial symptoms of eye fatigue are ignored, and a person continues long-term screen use without interruption.
Eye fatigue develops when we’ve looked at a screen for two hours a day. Unfortunately, many of us look at screens for hours and hours beyond that. Many modern jobs keep us on our phone, and in front of our computers and tablets for a full day. And with the hours spent at our desk, looking into our phones, many of us (statistics claim) return home to a computer or laptop where we spend the evening watching Netflix and other programs.
Symptoms of eye strain are varied, although the most common include: eyes that feel tired, itchy and watery, and also a headache, a sore neck and stiff or sore shoulders. It’s also possible that you suddenly feel it difficult to open your eyes, and have difficulty concentrating on the screen or focusing on anything in the near distance.
The method to ward off the ill-effects of eye strain is simple: take frequent breaks. Every hour, look away from the screen. Blink your eyes, stretch your neck and shoulders, even if just for a brief time.

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