Don’t Weight for New Years!

It’s a common trend—treat your body poorly all year and adopt bad eating habit only to kick it to the curb January first…and the cycle continues. But imagine how positive changes year round could affect your body and lifestyle! It makes sense to commit to a healthy weight loss plan and change up your diet in the middle of the year. You’ll be more inclined to keep up with your new habits the longer you stick to them—take the time now to establish a good weight loss routine!
Take time out of your morning routine to go for a run, or meet a friend for yoga or Zumba—hold yourself accountable to your exercise routine. Schedule time at the gym and don’t let other commitments break your promise to yourself. If you can, leave early for work and commute by bike or foot. Don’t try to “exercise when you’re free,” or “when you have the time” because something will always come up to take up that time. Whatever activity you want to do, ensure that you make staying active a priority.
Eat Well
Beyond just exercise, eating well is a main-stay in a weight loss routine. There’s extra sugar tempting you at every turn, and it can be difficult to stay true to your good habits. The best way to avoid the extra calories and weight is to prepare food and drinks at home, where you can control the preparation. The key, as with all lifestyle changes, is moderation and balance. Don’t abstain from your favorite foods, but don’t over-indulge, either. Counteract your fast food meals (hey, we’re all busy) with some large salads and healthy juices. If you do decide to indulge, be sure to opt for smaller portion sizes—split a slice of cake rather than going all in.
Weight Loss Year-Round
Choosing to stick to a new lifestyle centered around weight loss can significantly change the way you act and see yourself. These changes will lead to a healthier, happier you—guaranteed! Call us today at Central Wellness to kick-start your new lifestyle and start seeing results.