Dermal Fillers: The Perfect Filler for You

If you are someone who has always wanted full, sensuous lips—lips that appear naturally lush and vibrant—then it may be time to choose a Dermal Filler that will best suit your particular needs and fulfill your expectations. Dermal Fillers are not a one-type-for-everyone treatment; the Dermal Fillers at Central Wellness are tailored to suit a variety of needs.
Aside from the type of filler used, there are also several universal concerns to consider—and reasons to choose Central Wellness for your treatment. First, choose a filler that is soft, because there are fillers on the market than can cause small nodules in the lip region. And choose a filler that is close to your body’s natural composition; this means that you would want a filler with an hyaluronic acid composition, because it is found naturally within the body’s skin cells and connective tissues. Lastly, it’s important that a medical professional chooses an accurate dosing for your particular needs, otherwise you may end up with an inaccurate treatment, and this could lead to a less-desirable appearance.
Popular Fillers 
Radiesse offers a filler that can match your body’s natural production of healthy collagen. A filler from Radiesse will give you a naturally beautiful appearance, ridding the treatment area of wrinkles.
Voluma is known predominantly as a cheek filler, and its effect are long-lasting—one treatment and sagging cheeks will get added volume for up to two years.
Juvederm is another popular filler, working to add volume/smooth out cheeks, and also to augment the shape of lips. Juvederm is proven effective, and the effect of smoothing-out fine-to-severe wrinkles will last for up to two years.
If you have any questions about Dermal Fillers, or are ready to schedule your first appointment with the Dermal Filler professionals at Central Wellness, then call today.