Dermal Fillers

Most physical effects of aging can be traced to a loss of volume in the skin. On the face, for instance, as tissues begin to thin out with age, lines begin to form in the skin around the nose and mouth, the cheeks. These areas of the skin are essentially deflating, going hollow. That is why a Dermal Filler is such a terrific product. A Dermal Filler can replace all that lost volume, pumping up the skin and smoothing wrinkles, plumping-up the lips, restoring a once-youthful appearance lost to age. The Dermal Filler itself is a gel-like substance which is injected beneath the skin.

Areas Benefited Most by Dermal Fillers:

A Dermal Filler enhances the appearance of skin in nearly every problem area. Consider all the following areas: Brow lines which develop wrinkles called crow’s feet and furrow and frown lines; skin beneath the eyes which can sag and develop deep wrinkle lines; cheeks, which are an area that absolutely suffers from volume loss as we age; lips; vertical lip lines, which exist in the space of skin between the nose and the mouth; the chin; and all areas around the nose, especially the folds of skin directly adjacent to the nose, called nasolabial folds. Dermal Fillers are also terrific at plumping skin once damaged by acne, and the wrinkles on the hands.
During the Procedure…
The procedure involved in injecting a dermal filler is non-surgical. You can get the procedure completed in just one office visit. Also, the risks involved in getting a procedure done are minimal.
Dermal Fillers do not last indefinitely, and just how long a product will last will vary with the type of Dermal Filler being used; Dermal Fillers aren’t all created differently—for different purposes—and in fact, in most cases, are used specifically to treat certain areas on the face and hands. But most Dermal Fillers, with the exception of a few, will last from between one to two years; two years being the optimal span of time (these results will vary from patient to patient).
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