Muscle tone and minimal fat are the hallmarks of a sculpted, contoured body, a goal many women and men pursue through exercise and eating a balanced diet. CoolTone is a technology that helps build muscles while toning and firming the body from the inside out.

It was designed by muscle science experts to give the body a warmup, contraction, and recovery, increasing strength, while avoiding the chance of injury at the gym. It’s FDA-cleared to firm the muscles and create increased tone and strength in the abs, thighs, and buttocks. The technology comes from the Active Magnetic pulse that contracts the muscles as if the patient is doing an intense workout.

The benefits of CoolTone can last weeks, much more so than traditional exercise. One of the other benefits of CoolTone is that while the muscle tone will increase, fat, and sagging or loosening skin will decrease, giving more definition and contour to the body of the patient.

Before 10 Days After 4 CoolTone Treatments


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Almost anyone can try CoolTone, but there are a few factors that may make you the ideal candidate CoolTone is a good option for women who have given birth and want to regain abdominal strength, people who sit all day, anyone with back pain (since back pain is tied to weak abdominal muscles), and people who want to kick their workouts up to the next level but need an extra boost to get there.
Ideal candidates are already physically active and adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle consistently, but desire more definition of their abs or lifting of their buttocks
They have found that women who are menstruating find that cramping is intensified during the CoolTone treatments and women who are near menstruation can have it brought on sooner, so it’s best to schedule your appointment during times when you are not on or near your period. If you have had surgery within the last 4 months or have any metal near the area. You won’t be able to get the treatment. If you’re pregnant, or if you have any major issues in the pelvic area. You also shouldn’t get Cooltone if you have Graves disease, active bleeding disorders or seizure disorders.
Before the appointment, you’ll need to remove all metal jewelry, electronics, as well as all non-cotton clothing. During a CoolTone treatment, a provider attaches a paddle-like device on the area being targeted while the patient is lying down. Muscles are good conductors of magnetic fields, unlike skin and fat, which are poor conductors. Once the device is activated, magnetic energy passes through the skin and fat to stimulate thousands of involuntary muscle contractions. Patients feel these contractions, which don’t cause discomfort. It’s important to remember the deeper the contraction, the better the results. Meaning if you can “push through” the discomfort you’ll see more dramatic toning of the muscles. The muscles typically feel sore after the procedure, much as they would following a strenuous workout. We recommend hydrating to flush the built-up lactic acid and minimize soreness. Each session last 30 minutes per area treated. A series of 6 sessions spaced every other day for 2 week is the protocol to build the correct toning. Many of our clients come 1-2 per months to maintain their results. Post-treatment you may experience muscle spasms, tightness, and/or soreness in the muscles as well as skin redness. These will generally dissipate after a few days, however, in rare cases, clients report experiencing them for several weeks. This treatment requires no downtime or recovery and post CoolTone you can go back to your daily life.
You’ll begin to see stronger, learners, more contoured muscles 2 to 4 weeks after your first treatment. That being said, CoolTone results can last up to 3 months or longer and create long lean muscles and increased strength in patients that also maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle. Cooltone can help you look strong, lean, and fit, all without being a gym junky, which is why so many love this procedure and swear by it as part of their fitness routine.


The best time to give your skin the best care is now! Call or book your consultation online. Our experienced and friendly staff are waiting to help you reach your skin care goals!

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