Coolsculpting: What is it? Who are the Best Candidates?

Coolsculpting is a quality, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. As a treatment, it is considered to be an alternative to liposuction. When you come in for a treatment at Central Wellness it will be administered by a medical professional. The areas you wish to have fat destroyed and permanently removed are targeted with a gel pad and applicator.
The gel will deliver a cooling treatment to the targeted area; the applicator pad will pull the fatty tissue into the applicator cup, destroying the fat cells. Once the treatment is completed you can leave Central Wellness and go about the rest of your day. There is no downtime required, and the results will be noticeable three weeks after your treatment. It gives the body a chance to flush out the dead fat cells. The changes will continue for up to six months after the initial treatment.

Who is the Best Candidate for CoolScultping?

Overall wellness is the primary priority for Central Wellness. CoolSculpting is not a replacement for quality health and wellness. The ideal candidate for the treatment is the person who wants to have the stubborn fat cells removed, but someone for whom quality health and wellness has not been enough to destroy the peskiest of fat cells. It is not a recommended treatment for a patient who is obese, and oftentimes the treatment is best for the type of person who has changed his or lifestyle and wellness, including exercise.
Central Wellness’s medical professionals can discuss with you the possible treatment options, and go over with you the conditions which either may or may not make you the optimal candidate for the treatment. Remember, CoolSculpting is a method of destroying fat for the person interested and already engaged in a lifestyle of health and wellness. And you would like to schedule your consultation at Central Wellness, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for another of the numerous quality treatments offered or would like to experience the wellness and relaxation benefits of the spa, then make sure to call today.