Coolsculpting: Sculpt Your Body into The Shape You Want to See

Too often people struggle with weight loss or body toning/tightening to achieve an aesthetic they are happy with. And while it is very important for bodily health to exercise regularly and to eat a healthy diet, there are other factors that can contribute. Genetics and aging are two likely culprits, both of which may be the biggest factor or factors in body shape.
And that’s where Coolsculpting can help. Coolscultping can help to eliminate stubborn fat, and the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical. The procedure utilizes state of the art cooling technology that will help to eliminate fat cells forever. Here’s how it works…
Before you experience a Coolscultping treatment you will meet with a certified consultant who will work with you to both understand your needs and your vision and then tailor a treatment to meet those needs. The Coolsculpting treatment will be administered by a medical professional. To begin, the medical professional will place a gel applicator pad on the treatment area.
That applicator will deliver the cooling treatment to the fat cells. Patients will feel a suction-like sensation, similar to the suction of a vacuum, in the treatment area. But the suction-like sensation and the feeling of cooling technology will not cause too much discomfort; when a patient undergoes a Coolscultping treatment, they sit back and relax, even read a book or check emails. And when a treatment is complete, patients can go back to living life as normal; they can return to their daily activities, including work, immediately after treatment—There is no required downtime after a Coolscultping procedure.
The results achieved from a Coolscultping procedure will begin to become apparent 3 weeks after treatment. When the cooling technology kills the fat cells, it takes time for the body to be rid of them. After two months, the results from a single treatment will be most noticeable, and those results will continue until approximately 6 months after the procedure.
If you have any other questions about a Coolscultping treatment, or would like to speak with a certified professional about one of the other treatments offered, then call today.