Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again, when the flu and other various viruses and colds run rampant through the population. It’s common for most everyone to encounter something this time of year, be it somewhere on the spectrum with the flu at the severe end, and the faintest, quietest sniffle at the other. But that small sniffle can often be the most irritating, often the hardest to be rid of bodily ailment you’ll suffer all cold and flu season. It’s true, people can develop a sniffle that lasts and lasts, and the problem is that there’s not much relief with the oncoming spring season, and the warmer weather brings out the buds of plants, the grasses grow and go to seed, and bring about the seasonal allergies. But there’s hope for those of you suffering from sinus issues regardless of the cause. Here’s a few tips to keep the pressure in those sinuses to a minimum.

Cold & Flu Season

Oftentimes sinus pressure is caused by blocked sinus cavities, and these pressures in the sinuses can extend over the face, the ears, even into the teeth. Using a Humidifier will keep the sinus cavities open. It could even help to prevent issues such as sinusitis from happening. Other simpler remedies include a warm compress over the face. Usually the warm, damp towel will alleviate some, if not most, of your sinus pressures. You can also breathe in the steam from a pot of hot water (not boiling—stay safe, please), or a hot shower.
The two most important parts of getting over anything, be it the flu or the sniffles is to stay hydrated, constantly. Fluids have the capability of loosening blockages, but also to transport bad things away from our bodies insides. Water is by far the greatest deterrent for keeping our throats and chest clear of mucous blockages. But Rest is by far the most important tool you have against fighting anything the cold and flu season can throw at you. You need it even if you don’t have an illness—rest is the greatest preventative measure our body has against fighting anything.

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