Cold and Flu Season

Unfortunately, the change in season marks the beginning of the cold and flu season. But don’t fret. Did you know that there are a few ways to help avoid catching the common cold or even the flu? Obviously, getting a flu shot is important, and recommended. But by being diligent and mindful in your daily habits, you can hopefully avoid an illness. Here’s a few tips to stay healthy.


You need to wash your hands, all the time. (Yes, constant handwashing is going to dry out your hands, so make sure you are using moisturizer!) Every time you shake someone’s hand, wash your hands. Wash your hands for at least two minutes, scrubbing the fingers and the palms with soap.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, needlessly. These areas can be portals for germs, and if your hands are covered in germs—well, you get the idea.
Keep your distance from people who have obvious symptoms. No, this doesn’t mean snubbing people, but if you do come in contact with someone sick, inadvertently or otherwise, clean your hands. Wash up. Hot water and soap—two minutes! Ever wonder how doctors and nurses can work all day around sick people and never get sick? They wash their hands! They keep clean!

Keep Healthy During Cold and Flu Season!

Keeping your body healthy is important to ward off illness. A tired body is a body with a compromised immune system. Make sure you’re getting your sleep. 8-10 hours is preferable. Eat food that is healthy for your body. Healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, help the body build up its immune system. Foods also have different vitamins and minerals which can help in doses ward off illness and infection. Also, research shows that the simple act of being happy and relaxed, stress-free, helps to build-up the body’s immune system.
The common cold and the flu are not fun. Take of yourself this year. Hopefully, with a little awareness and prevention, you can lessen your chances of catching a seasonal illness. Make sure to get your flu shot.