Millions of people everyday use caffeine. Maybe you use caffeine to wake up in the morning, or maybe to help you stay focused or energized in the middle of a workday. Regardless of how it’s used, there are some health drawbacks to consider. But, most of the adverse effects of caffeine use happen after a person has taken in more than 400 mg in a day. That’s not to say that there aren’t other drawbacks, other side-effects that vary from person to person. But, on the whole, caffeine appears to be safe for adults when consumed responsibly. It also should be noted that children should never be encouraged to drink highly caffeinated drinks, because children are more susceptible to some of caffeine’s adverse side-effects.
How much caffeine to equal 400 mg?
An 8oz dark-roasted coffee is going to contain between 100 and 165 mg of caffeine—give a little or take a little, depending on the coffee. Other coffee drinks will vary, however, unless numerous espresso shots get added. Teas have less caffeine than coffee—and sodas. For instance, brewed tea per 8 oz, can vary between 25 and 50 mg of caffeine—teas can vary in caffeine dosage wildly, but most teas have the amounts of caffeine listed on the packaging. Ready to drink teas—teas that have been bottled or canned—typically contain more caffeine.
Side-effects of Overdoing it
There are side effects to overconsuming caffeine. You might develop a migraine headache, insomnia—you should try abstaining from caffeinated beverages in the evening hours—you could develop stomach issues like indigestion, you may experience tremors, or a fluttering heartbeat. If you notice you are any adverse effects from caffeine, try to cut back drastically or stop its use all together—if you do decide to quit caffeine, make sure to quit gradually.
Understanding the effects of caffeine, at this point, seems to be the best advice. Know how your body reacts to caffeine, and be mindful both of the times of day you drink it, and the amounts you consume.  If you need assistance as to how to make a healthy lifestyle change, Central Wellness is here to help.