Brown Spots and Sun Damage

Did you know that the sun’s UV Rays account for 80 percent or more of skin spots? Unfortunately, in the past we didn’t know as much—or didn’t worry about the effects of the sun as much—about the harmful effects of UV Rays, and the use of sunblock wasn’t always promoted. Today we know that sunblock protects our skin from the sun’s rays, but anyone who lived when sunbathing all day every day was something normal and even considered healthy, then the damage has already been done.
And those harmful UV Rays can also cause wrinkles to appear on a person’s face prematurely. And did you know that those sunspots can be diminished in appearance? It’s true. And Central Wellness has a treatment for those sunspots that requires zero downtime, and it works on all skin types. Have your attention? Here’s how it works…
Broadband Light Therapy—from here on out we’ll refer to it as BBL—is a wonderful treatment for sun spots and other types of skin damage, including: Age Spots, Small Facial Veins, Rosacea, Redness, Freckles and Other Types of Brown Spots, Port Wine Stains, Red Spots, and even hairs that are coarse and dark.
BBL uses light energy to interact with all types of skin blemishes, and when the blemish is exposed to this type of light the skin is stimulated, provoking a rejuvenating/healing response. And the spots will eventually darken slightly, and will persist for seven to ten days. But then the spots will eventually become diminished in appearance, minimized in appearance.
BBL is a wonderful treatment, and the results, especially after a series of treatments, are incredible. If you wonder what this no-nonsense, no-downtime, treatment can do for the appearance of any of your age-related or sun-damage related spots, then call Central Wellness today.