Botox To Treat Jaw Tension And TMJ

Botox is currently being used, effectively, to treat conditions of Jaw Tension and TMJ (TMJ is short for temporo-mandibular joint) disorders and pain. Botox injected into afflicted facial muscles can relive pain and tension for many patients. Also, for patients who grind their teeth and who, as a result of teeth grinding, suffer from pain or discomfort and headaches, Botox can alleviate that pain and discomfort. Botox, in some cases, can even be used to minimize conditions such as lock-jaw.

Botox to treat TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on the sides of the head at the point where the jaw meets the skull. The joint is used when eating, swallowing, and talking—virtually all the time. And so, if this joint becomes overworked—as in the case of teeth grinding—it can become sore and feel fatigued, overworked—some people even suffer intense tension headaches. But an injection of Botox into the muscles near the area of trouble, makes these muscles unable to engage in activity—remember that the majority of the movement of the jaw is involuntary. Relief in the area of pain can take place as quickly as one to two days after a treatment, however it could take up to one week. Although Botox used as a treatment for pain and discomfort associated with TMJ is somewhat new, there is good evidence that it is a quality treatment option for the pain.
A Botox Treatment is non-surgical and can take place over one ten-to-thirty-minute office visit. Most times a Botox Treatment is not painful, but there is an injection—a needle—involved so there may be some initial discomfort both during and after the treatment. Most patients who receive a Botox injection consider the pain to be as minimal as a prick or compare it to a hypothetical bug bite. Patients who receive a Botox injection can be up and about immediately, and for many people it is possible to get a Botox injection and go back to work on the same day. There may be some bruising at the site of the injection, but, usually, this too is minimal.
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