Botox: The Best Age to Begin Preventative Maintenance

When to begin Botox? It’s different for everyone. For instance, those who squint a lot, who are at a risk for premature wrinkles between the brow, will probably benefit from preventative procedures earlier in life than those who don’t—some people make facial expressions out of habit. But the genetic and age-related problems, the lines that will be inset in your facial skin like chisel lines in a granite slab usually begin when a person is in their thirties.
Yes, younger folks do experience wrinkles and lines, but the vast majority start to see the life-long changes a little later. Premature wrinkles are a sign of an active face; that may sound a little strange, but it’s in reference to the mobility of the muscles in the face—think the differences in flexibility between two people.
One other major factor is the amount of skin damage. If a person was a life guard for ten years then he or she is going to have more noticeable wrinkles—regardless the amount of sunblock applied—earlier than someone who has spent the majority of their life inside.
Preventative Botox is incredibly helpful to combat the onset of wrinkles and lines, because the treatment relaxes the muscles in the face. Remember that wrinkles and lines are caused by the movement of the facial muscles, so relax those muscles for prevention.
Central Wellness’s clinical staff is ready to provide you with a plan for preventative maintenance. If you have any concerns over your appearance and how those fine lines and wrinkles are and, in the future, will impact your appearance, then make sure to call Central Wellness and schedule a complimentary consultation. Remember that Botox is both safe and effective, and there is little to no downtime following a procedure.