Botox: Is It Safe?

Botox is so effective that it almost seems too good to be true. People might wonder, if a product like Botox can make such a positive impact on the appearance of lines and wrinkles, is there a catch? For those on the fence about Botox, or those who would like to know more about the product and its potential side-effects, here’s the reasons why Botox is both effective and safe.
Most people don’t realize that Botox is actually a brand name. It’s become so synonymous with smooth foreheads and less pronounced crow’s feet that the brand itself has practically evolved into the name of the treatment.
As we age, our muscles continue to move against our skin and that contact, over time, develops wrinkles and lines. Wrinkles and lines are not hazardous to our health by any means, but some people would say that they do have a negative impact on our appearance.
Botox doesn’t numb the face—that’s a common misconception. After a treatment, you don’t have to sleep sitting up, and you don’t have to hide your face from the world for a few days after treatment. What Botox does do is to relax the muscles within the face. It blocks the nerve endings and allows the muscles to relax; when the muscles in the face relax, the wrinkles and lines appear less pronounced.
But it isn’t a permanent fix, because eventually the serum will wear away. But as those muscles are relaxed, the skin quality will improve; skin cells are given time to regenerate. And there’s little to no side effects from treatment. Some people may notice some minor swelling or redness at the treatment sight, but this, too, is temporary. You should be able to continue on as normal with your life, following a treatment.
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