Botox: A Terrific Treatment for Any Age

It’s a myth that a person can be too young for a Botox Treatment. People of all ages receive Botox treatments. Botox is beneficial regardless of age or skin type. Think about it: it’s the muscles in our face that inevitably cause fine lines and wrinkles;
Botox helps to minimize, in a subtle and natural way, those fine lines and wrinkles by controlling the muscles in the face that cause them. If a person doesn’t yet have wrinkles mapped over his or her facial features, then a Botox treatment, or regular Botox treatments, is a preventative step taken toward a future of minimized wrinkles.
Remember, Botox is a safe FDA-approved treatment that is both non-invasive and non-surgical. There is no required downtime, and a treatment is affordable. And it’s not only for the control of fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s also effective at lifting the brow—as we age our facial features can begin to droop and a lowered brown can force an appearance that’s tired—so our appearance becomes one more youthful and energetic.
Remember also that fine lines and wrinkles can affect everyone differently; a person who has a strong emotional countenance, will develop facial lines and wrinkles earlier, younger, than someone without such a definitive emotional expression—it sounds trivial, but we all express our emotions differently, and many of us habitually use our facial muscles to convey our emotions.
And because Botox is such a subtle, non-invasive treatment, the natural-looking results do appear natural; there is no baked-on expression following a treatment. A patient will not appear worked-on, but instead appear young, healthy, and vibrant.
The medical professionals at Central Wellness are ready to help you look your best. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the many positive aspects of a Botox treatment, then call today.