Billings Weight Loss

When it comes to dropping pounds and keeping the weight off, Central Wellness knows a thing or two. Our medically supervised weightloss is powerful because it works. 
We carry a full line of high quality protein products with vitamins and minerals to support healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass during weight loss. These proteins supply the proper balance of amino acids and nitrogen essential for protein synthesis and many other metabolic functions so weight loss is effective and safe. Each meal replacement and protein supplement undergoes an extensive quality assurance review and analysis to ensure each product is delivering high quality nutrition at the labeled level. All of our products meet the Federal Code of Regulation requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices and NLEA/DSHEA labeling of Food Products and Dietary Supplements. Nutritionally designed by food scientist professionals and reviewed by physicians, our wide variety of products, flavors and meal plans allow you to tailor a weight loss regimen to meet the precise needs of each patient.

  • Our program works! Being administered by medical professionals allows us to safely tailor a program for you. Ensuring quick and effective weight loss you can lose up to 3-5lbs a week.
  • Our program goes beyond the scale. Many diet plans only focus on diet. Central Wellness Weight Management actually identifies and works on the behaviors that contribute to your weight gain. We pride ourselves on making sure you keep the weight off.
  • Our program gives you the support to succeed. Our staff cares about you and your success. During your weight loss journey we will be there every step of the way to help you stay accountable and keep progressing towards your goals.

Thinking about taking charge of your weight loss journey with Central Wellness? Whether you have interest in learning more or are already enrolled, we have some fantastic tips and classes. These upcoming classes are open to the public!


What should I look for in a weight loss program?

Most people do not consider the health effects when jumping on a weight loss program, we seem to gravitate to the latest diet fad with promises that are too good to be true. Finding a medically supervised weight loss program will ensure you are getting the safest and effective program available. Some important questions to ask any program you are considering are: What is the weight management philosophy and does it make sense to you? What resources do they have to help you succeed? Are their staff trained and experienced in weight loss? What is their success rate for losing and keeping their clients weight off? Is it supervised by a medical professional?

How long will the program take?

The program length depends on how much weight you need to lose and which plan works best for you and your lifestyle. Women can lose up to 3 pounds per week and men about 5 pounds. After you have hit your weight loss goal you will move into the Empowered Wellness phase giving you the support and accountability needed to reinforce behavioral changes, ultimately keeping weight off for the rest of your life!