Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain!

When what to my

Wondering eyes should appear…..

But 10 extra pounds on

Hips, Thighs, & Rear

Each year the holiday season brings an abundance of sweet temptation to your door.  A cookie here, some fudge there; and soon you’re adding back the pounds you’ve lost!
Although the holiday “diet” is often sabotaged by well-meaning friends and family- here are some tips to avoiding over-indulgence and keeping the weight off.

  1. Water! Start the day with 12-15oz of cold water- for a boost in metabolism and to help the body flush toxins.  The average adult needs about 8 cups of water a day; and fat metabolism requires water- so get to drinking!
  2. Move it! As little as 15 minutes daily of moderate activity can jump start your metabolism and get the body burning fat and building muscle. Walk on the treadmill, get those old dusty resistance bands out, or do jumping jacks with the kids!
  3. Keep yourself accountable! Track your caloric intake (and burned calories) with a journal. Smartphone apps like “Myfitnesspal” can help you keep your holiday meals healthy and help you decide on which allowances you can make. Extra cookie….not today!
  4. Find a friend. 70% of Americans are overweight- but 100% require daily physical activity. Having a spouse, friend, child, or co-worker join you in your journey increases the likelihood of success today and increases the number of people who make exercising a long term commitment.

Weight Loss is definitely a journey so don’t get discouraged if you have one bad day. Central Wellness is always here to help. If you have questions about our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program please call 406-869-1066.