At-Home Tips for Healthy Skin

Stress can manifest with physical symptoms in our bodies. Oftentimes stress can induce cosmetic skin conditions such as acne breakouts. It’s difficult not to get stressed with so many of us stuck indoors, likely worried. If you are suffering from a daily stress-overload then consider practicing calming, peaceful techniques to alleviate some of it. Exercise is often touted as a cure for stress, and this is true on many levels; but, what type of exercise works best to alleviate stress? All exercises work to clear the mind and strengthen the body, but certain exercises, such as Yoga, are low-impact and can be performed in the living room. And Yoga is an activity that almost everyone can perform three times weekly, if not daily.
There’s so much information online or on the television about food and the impacts of food on our bodily health, but most of us know the foods that are best for us: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy products. It may be difficult to keep to a quality diet these days, but food can have an impact on the way we feel both physically and mentally. Trying our best to keep to a diet that adheres to some semblance of health is important. It’s important for our bodily health, as well as our skin. There is research stating that certain foods high in antioxidants, or high in Vitamin C, have beneficial properties for skin health. Diets that keep to a minimum processed foods and refined carbohydrates are going to have a positive impact on skin.
There are other ways to keep our skin healthy. Treat your skin gently, and moisturize your skin as much as possible. We’re washing our hands and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers often, but be careful not to use overly harsh soaps and detergents that could strip the oil from your skin. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.