Anti-Aging Tips for Winter

The winter season is often thought to be a time of coziness; think log fires, hot cocoa, holidays and family time. But for most of us here in Montana, wintertime also means dried out skin, and skin that feels overly sensitive and uncomfortable. The problems Here are a few ways you can both protect your skin in winter and keep it looking youthful and vibrant…

Stay Hydrated!

You should try to stay hydrated in cold, dry weather. Make sure to drink plenty of water; water replenishes your system, and it also helps to hydrate your skin. When you hydrate your skin with moisturizer choose a creamy formula that contains ingredients that are especially beneficial to skin health; Aloe Vera and other vitamins and minerals are especially beneficial to both protect and rejuvenate skin.


There is no other element that can both cause harm to and impose an aged-appearance on our skin faster than the sun’s rays. The sun’s rays are beneficial, but also harmful. Wintertime can mean a magnification of harmful UV rays; you don’t have to feel the heat from the sun’s rays for skin to burn. Cloud cover and a ground covering of snow can reflect the sun’s rays and even intensify them. Use a sunscreen that both protects skin—use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30—and has beneficial ingredients.

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Unfortunately, there are several causes of dry skin in winter, and it’s an unfortunate collusion between the elements outside and the artificial elements inside. Because of the difficult conditions outside we use artificial heat inside, oftentimes cranking up the thermostat for comfort. But oftentimes increasing the heat will only make the air within the home drier. So consider keeping the thermostat at reasonable levels.
We hope you have a terrific winter season. And remember that Central Wellness has options to escape the cold, dry air. The day spa is a welcome retreat from Montana’s rigorous wintertime climate, and the many options offered to improve the aesthetics of your skin will have you feeling and looking youthful and vibrant year-round.