Cool Sculpting

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January 8, 2018
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Cool Sculpting

Welcome to 2018! We hope that 2018 is going to be the year you crush your health and fitness goals. This is the year that you become the version of yourself that most excites you—the you that you’ve been dreaming of. But even with a near-perfect diet and regular exercise, something such as body fat can stubbornly hang on. Central Wellness knows how to deal with stubborn body fat.

If you’ve never before heard of Cool Sculpting, then the details of the procedure may sound almost fantastical: fat cells beneath the skin are frozen and killed off and later get consumed by the body. But, at its essence, that’s exactly what Cool Sculpting is. And the procedure is completely non-invasive and safe. Fat cells are targeted without any damage to the surrounding skin and tissues. It’s true!

Here’s how it works. One of Central Wellness’s trained and licensed medical professionals will apply a gel pad and an applicator to the treatment area. The applicator’s job is to both deliver a cooling sensation to the treatment area and also to pull the skin and fatty tissues into an applicator cup—you will feel a slight vacuum sensation. That’s it! People who experience the procedure are able to sit back and relax. You can read a book, check your phone, in fact it’s such a non-invasive procedure that you may even be able to nap!

The best part about Cool Sculpting is that the results of the procedure are permanent. The fat cells within the treated areas are frozen, killed off, and later eliminated naturally from the body. You will see results from the procedure starting just three weeks after treatment. But the most drastically noticeable results will be apparent approximately two months after the procedure, with the changes continuing for up to six months after.

If you have any questions about how Central Wellness, and the process of Cool Sculpting, can help you achieve your ideal self, then call and schedule a consultation.

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