Aerobics and CoolSculpting

First, let’s talk about aerobic exercise and its many benefits. We all know that exercise is a great tool to keep the body healthy and vibrant. Exercise, especially aerobics such as swimming, running—jogging—cycling, rowing, etc., all provide tremendous benefits to the cardiovascular system, and help to rid the body of any excess pounds. When you perform certain exercises the larger muscle groups of the body—the legs, back, chest and arms, hips—receive an increase in fresh blood flow, and the increase causes the heart to beat at a faster-than-normal rate.
This strengthens the heart, and also keeps the muscles and other organs healthy and refreshed with a constant supply of fresh blood. Another reason aerobic exercise is important is because it forces the lungs to work hard, maximizing the amount of oxygen let into the lungs and increasing the oxygen supply in the blood. That oxygen will also be carried by capillaries into the muscles and replace any waste products. Perhaps the most apparent benefit of regular aerobic exercise is the release of endorphins that improve the mood and potentially safe-guard against the negative effects of depression and anxiety.


CoolScuplting is where a person should turn when they want to rid an area of the body of fat, but have found it especially challenging—if not altogether seemingly impossible—to do so. Coolsculpting is a procedure where cooling technology is applied to fat cells to destroy and remove them forever. It’s an amazing technology, and, almost equally amazing, it is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that has been cleared by the FDA. So, when you’re putting in that extra effort in your workouts, and you are not seeing the immediate physical benefits you expect/hope to see—remember fat loss is as much physical effort/diet as it is genetics and other factors—then CoolScultping may be the perfect procedure for you.
If you have any more questions about the benefits of CoolSculpting, then come in for a complimentary consultation and speak with the medical professionals at Central Wellness.